Memorial Ceremonies


I currently volunteer to lead Christmas memorial services for Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service when required.

I am happy to extend this to other charities should this be something you feel service users would benefit from.


Parents & Carers

A memorial naming ceremony can be held for a baby or child who has died. Please note this is not a funeral service.


This is a ceremony for parents who did not have the chance to hold a naming ceremony when their child was alive.

It can be held however long after the date of death that you are most comfortable with.

You may wish to mark your child’s birthday with a memorial naming ceremony or you may simply want my support to lead a gathering of your closest friends and family to celebrate your child’s life and place in the world.



Because of the sensitivity of the circumstances this is a pay as you feel service, that is, I do not charge a set fee.

You may pay what you wish (for example, a small contribution towards petrol and printing of the script is welcome) or nothing at all.