Are Intimate Ceremonies As Special As Big Shindigs?

Intimate ceremonies are celebrations attended by a much smaller number of guests than you would typically associate with a wedding or event these days.

But low-key does not mean you have to compromise on gorgeousness!

Here are my thoughts on intimate naming, wedding, civil partnership and vow renewals.

What are the pros of an intimate ceremony?

Affordability - with less guests to feed, less favours to buy, and smaller rooms to decorate, intimate ceremonies can be much kinder on the bank balance. Or, if you prefer, it gives you the chance to splurge on something you really fancy! Upgraded menu, live music, icecream van or champagne perhaps?

Getting folks involved - smaller ceremonies actually mean you can involve more people, as contradictory as that sounds. For example, an intimate ceremony lends itself really well to symbolic actions such as a ringwarming or sandblending.

Location - Intimate ceremonies mean flexibility in venue, from a castle to your own back garden. You get to be creative with space and will have more time to make any handmade bits too.

Guests - don't fancy being forced to invite your grandma's cousin's best friend's aunt? Intimate ceremonies mean you can really focus on who you want at your celebrations.

Confidence - If the thought of standing up in front of everyone and being centre of attention fills you with dread, an intimate ceremony will give you the confidence you need to really enjoy your day.

How can I make an intimate ceremony special?

I can:

  • balance formality with informality - an intimate wedding doesn't need to lose any importance, it is still a very special occasion, but I can take the time to really speak to individual guests on the run up to, and throughout, the ceremony.

  • be flexible and accommodating - small weddings may mean more children and pets and that's a-ok with me. You may also need more time with any symbolic actions if everyone is joining in. I only book one wedding in per day so when you book me I am exclusively yours and not running off to the next one.

  • travel to your perfect venue.

As with all my ceremonies I will:

  • create a bespoke ceremony script jam-packed full of your personal story, personality and thoughts on love and marriage

  • help you create your vows or promises

  • help you choose readings or poems

  • print out any readings and promises etc that are needed for the day

  • create a keepsake copy of the script and commemorative certificate

  • help co-ordinate things on the day so that the ceremony runs as smoothly as possible

Want to chat with me about a small but perfect ceremony? Click here >>

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