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As it's a new year and a new decade I thought it'd be helpful to go back to basics for all the new visitors to my website! Here is some info about humanist ceremonies and about me.

I have a list of Frequently Asked Questions on my website too and you are always welcome to contact me with your queries.

What is a humanist ceremony?

It is a non-religious ceremony that enables you to celebrate love, life and milestones however and wherever you feel is meaningful for you.

What is a humanist celebrant?

A humanist celebrant is someone who is trained and accredited by Humanists UK to write and lead a humanist ceremony. The training is award-winning and rigorous. Humanist celebrants are part of a network of celebrants who all must commit to peer reviews, continuous professional development and the Humanists UK code of conduct.

Where can I have a humanist ceremony?

Anywhere! Currently, humanist ceremonies are not legally recognised in England which means that you do not need to hold your ceremony in a licensed venue.

Where are you based?

I am based in Leeds but I cover Yorkshire and beyond.

What do you love most about being a celebrant?

Helping couples and families to tell their stories and celebrate with their nearest and dearest. I love that each ceremony is so different and personal.

Is being a celebrant your sole job?

Being a celebrant is my main job and I now also offer support with wedding planning. I am also a petsitter.

Do you lead funerals?

I was very honoured to have led two funerals last year for friends' grandparents. I will be taking part in the Humanists UK funeral training later this year.

What do the badges at the foot of your website mean?

From left to right:

Unconventional Wedding - I am listed with Unconventional Weddings, an alternative wedding blog and directory.

Mental Health Media Charter - I am an endorser of the MHMC which means, amongst other things, that I am aware that I have a responsibility to speak positively and respectfully about mental health in my work.

Child Friendly Leeds - I am an ambassador for Child Friendly Leeds. I made a pledge to support families in all their beautiful shapes, sizes and backgrounds, to celebrate love and life.

Your Yorkshire Wedding - I have been featured in YYW several times and on their website.

LGBTQ Equality Weddings - I am a founding member and recommended supplier of LGBTQ Equality Weddings.

Parent & Baby Awards: I won the 2019 Lux Life Parent & Baby Award for Best Bespoke Naming Celebrant in Yorkshire.

Blog Up North: My styled shoot was featured in Blog Up North.

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