Coronavirus and your ceremonies

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Not my usual type of blog post and I don't want to add to all the noise out there but I do want to make sure that anyone searching the internet for help is directed to the right place, as quickly as possible, for the most reliable and up to date information.

A good way to calm your panic is to:

1. Speak to your insurer, your venue, your suppliers and your travel agent directly about your concerns. Each event and each supplier is a unique case so you need the information specific to you.

2. Check your supplier cancellation policies.

3. Speak to your invited guests about whether they have travelled to the key areas or been in contact with anyone who is known to have had Covid-19. Some guests who are more vulnerable due to pre-existing conditions may need to make a personal choice to not attend your ceremony and you will need an up to date guestlist.

4. Stop googling! Keep up to date with official information and don't waste time and energy on opinion pieces (mine excluded of course ha!)

Here are the official places for COVID-19 info:

World Health Organisation (daily updates)

Government (including travel advice)

Health-related links:



Consumer rights:


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