Reweddings After Lockdown

If you are one of the couples who have had a registrar-led ceremony limited to just a couple of witnesses, or a couple who had a zoom wedding during lockdown, you may now be looking at ways to gather your nearest and dearest together to celebrate properly.

A rewedding is what you need!

Reaffirm, reevaluate, reestablish, recommence, renew.

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Let's take the example of my gorgeous couple A & M, whose wedding celebrations were postponed from May 2020 to May 2021. I led a Zoom wedding ceremony on their original wedding date, where they exchanged rings and took part in a handfasting ritual at home but of course they were unable to celebrate properly with friends and family in the way they had originally planned. This celebration will now be held in May 2021 with a full rewedding ceremony (that will to them be their first anniversary).

What might a rewedding look like?

Whatever you want it to look like!

Do you want to exchange your rings (again)? Say your vows again? Say new vows? Have readings, music and so on?

If, like A & M, it is exactly a year later, perhaps you want to incorporate paper, the traditional first anniversary gift?

A rewedding is essentially the wedding you should have had, but, I would argue, bigger, better and beautifuller...OK that's not a word but you know what I mean.

What next?

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