What do we do with the kids?

Meet Holly, the Mummy behind the Scarborough-based business, Bell of the Ball. They provide entertainment and childcare at weddings and events. Here, Holly explains why she set up Bell of the Ball.

"After attending a couple of weddings with my son, I found it to be quite stressful without a moment to relax and talk to family and friends, listen to speeches or enjoy a glass of wine or two..."

I totally understand this. We took my son to a friend's wedding when he was a baby and that included working out feeds and naps, packing all the equipment, toys, cot bedding and so on, and of course there was nowhere to put him down. Taking him to my sister's wedding as a toddler was even worse. He neighed through the vows and only really ate anything high in sugar all day. Yeh. It meant my husband had to go home with our son so that I could relax in the evening and spend time with my family not worrying!

Holly says,

"Weddings are such an amazing event for everyone involved but they can become pretty stressful for families with small children. Children are rarely catered for in a way that means that both parents and children can fully enjoy the day and I believe that if the children are happy and entertained at a wedding (or any kind of event) then the parents will also be happy and able to fully relax and enjoy themselves."

So what do Bell of the Ball provide?

  • Entertainment - They can set up an indoor play den or an outdoor camp including a Bell Tent that can be decorated to match your theme. They offer a bespoke service (I do love a bespoke service!) and can include age appropriate books, toys, games and craft activities!

  • Childcare - You can hire their childcare professionals for the day who will keep the little ones entertained and supervised during the ceremony and speeches. They can also supervise mealtimes, even stay until the early hours. Childcare professionals have the appropriate qualifications and DBS checks. They work to OFSTED childcare ratio guidelines (0 - 2 years - 1 adult to 3 children, 2 - 3 years - 1 adult to 4 children, 4 + years - 1 adult to 8 children).

Sounds great right?! What are the fees?

Indoor play area

Apr - Sept £300

Oct - March £200​​

Outdoor camp

Apr - Sept Only - £400


Day Nanny - £15 p/hr per Nanny

​Evening Babysitting - £12 p/hr per Babysitter

An investment worth making if you ask me! Perfect for a naming or wedding where you know there'll be plenty of kids - no hassle for you in terms of setting up or taking down or gathering all the bits and pieces to keep the little ones busy, no worries about a babysitter letting you or your guests down at the last minute.

If you'd like to find out more, you can get in touch with Holly by phone 07984 117 984, or by email holly@belloftheball.co.uk or visit the website www.belloftheball.co.uk.

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